Elsea Labs' graphic and web design projects range from logos, to advertisements, to menus, to custom letters, to entire brands, and more.


Elsea Labs builds custom desktop, web, and mobile software to meet the specific needs of a business, its customers, and employees.


Elsea Labs develops their own software including games, entertainment software, utilities, educational software, and office software.


Elsea Labs builds custom desktop computers to suit the needs of the student, developer, and gamer alike.

Welcome to Elsea.

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Our Clients

We work with our clients closely, on a very personal basis.

Elsea Labs' developers and designers communicate directly with the client in order to provide the client with exactly what they need. Each client is provided with a complimentary client section of our website dedicated to their work where they can watch updates, talk with the developers, and make changes to the specifications if needed.



Don't believe us? Hear it from our clients.

A client speaking in regarding to a specific developer...

"I was very impressed by the extent to which he met my programming need on the first try and the speed with which he had a working model to test. His coding was spare and well constructed, and moreover, it worked like a charm!"

- Matt Mullenix (Owner, Mission Media)


Our Software

Our software is free, open source, and created with help from the community.

Elsea Labs' software is not only free in price, but also free in spirit. Elsea Labs creates free and open source software with help from the community. Software is our passion and we work with computers and people to make the world a better place. Our software ranges from educational and office software to games and entertainment software.