Elsea Labs

Elsea Labs is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) as payment for graphic design service excluding website development and design. Payment options for web design and development will be added in the near future. We are a technology company located in Baton Rouge run solely off of the web. We do projects locally, and globally. Our resources, projects, and services range from web development, to web design, to graphic design, and even software.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin for Graphic Design

You can now pay for services such as ad design, logo creation, poster design and more with two of the many cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Every good company needs an image. Your image defines who you are and just how good you are. A first impression can define someone or something for a life time, and we are here to make first impressions; and good ones at that.

Payment Options

The current supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Dogecoin. 40,000 dogecoin or 0.03 Bitcoin for a graphic design service. Prices may vary with the size of the project. The price will be proposed to you in a response to you contacting us. To contact us, visit the page http://elsealabs.com/design .


Go to elsealabs.com/design for more information

Go to elsealabs.com/contact to contact us

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